Activist Alert

Every day, human rights defenders in Guatemala come under serious threat. These courageous people deserve our support and must be protected. That is why we have designed an effective tool to help: the Activist Alert. 

The alert system scans media and the web for signs of danger and provide a place to report threats. Digital security experts investigate every report immediately. If deemed serious, the activist is warned and preventive measures are taken. The threat is published and, when possible, legal action will be taken. 

In neighboring Honduras, the warning system has already proven effective. Our goal is to make this system available to Guatemala as soon as possible. But we need funding for that.

Brave human rights defenders in Guatemala need our protection. Will you help us?

“Tools like this, developed with the support of international organizations like Hivos, provides oversight from the outside that protects human rights defenders while they work.”

 Briseida Milian (28) activist for JusticiaYa in Guatemala.

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29-05-2019 | 19:02 I believe this tool can contribute to raise awareness about the threats activists and indigenous leaders are facing everyday in Guatemala