This is how the Activist Alert works

Every day, human rights defenders in Guatemala come under serious threat. These courageous people deserve our support and must be protected. That is why we have designed an effective tool to help: the Activist Alert.

1. Signaling

The Activist Alert team scans online and offline media for threats and attacks aimed at human rights defenders. Threats are also reported directly by activists themselves.

2. Analyzing

The team’s digital security experts examine each report and estimate how serious and urgent the threat is.

3. Activating

Serious threats are recorded, and the person under threat is warned. If necessary, additional protective measures are taken and legal support is offered. The warning is shared with other human rights organizations and, if safe to do so, published online.

Activists who receive a warning feel protected and, more importantly, know they are not on their own. In this way, we give courageous people the support they deserve.

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